New Corolla SR

Hereís what I think so far Ė though itís only been a few weeks since I picked up the car from Brooklyn Toyota in Worcester.

The driving experience is very similar to my other SR but like itís wrapped in cotton wool Ė everything is less direct and less precise Ė which shows just how good the other one really is. Obviously straight from the factory everything is tight and new - suspension is firmish and steering is good (though it understeers a bit). Because it isnít lowered and the seats are higher than the other Rolla the driving position is much higher and initially it felt like driving a bus but Iíve got used to it quickly. The ride height issue is dealt with easily as TTE (Toyota Team Europe) make a set of springs designed to work with the standard dampers and lower the car by 30mm Ė they were fitted within a week of collecting the car. Iíve had the car for just over a month and already my wife has started the modifying process EEEK!!

It pulls well in the lower part of the rev range though Iím being careful not to stress the engine too much for the first 1,200 miles. The multi function display is showing an average of 43mpg for the 900 miles that I have put on the car so far Ė thatís in mixed driving conditions and of course as the engine is new it will still be tight. I've manually checked the fuel consumption after putting in more fuel and it looks like the display is spot on.

Most of the controls are in similar locations to my other Rolla though it did take me a while to find the fog lamp switch Ė now on the lighting stalk on the steering column. The heating controls are completely different as they are electronic rather than manual Ė easy enough to use once you have read the handbook. The steering column is adjustable for height and reach. The seats have ratchet adjustments for height and back inclination. The one dealer option Iíve added is rear parking sensors (fitted before I picked the car up). I decided on these as this car is wider and longer than the other Rolla Ė Iím hoping that the sensors will help avoid any problems caused by the extra length.

The supplied tools are limited to a wheel brace and jack though I supplemented these with the original Toyota tools (two spanners, a pair of pliers and a double ended screwdriver) that were supplied with the other car and still in the original tool roll. Surprisingly the car comes with a full sized 16Ē alloy spare wheel Ė I wasnít expecting this as itís not mentioned in the sales brochure.

The only disappointment so far has been the CD player which does not play MP3 discs though it will cope with both CD-R and CD-RW discs.

Here are some pictures now that Iíve been able to wash the car (the 30mm lower TTE springs lets me wash the roof of the car without the use of steps!!)

This model comes with most options already installed. It has a front spoiler, side skirts, rear spoiler, 16Ē alloys, rear bumper extensions and heated electric rear view mirrors. As already mentioned lowering springs have been fitted and the rear parking sensors were fitted before delivery.


This Corolla has gone and was replaced initially with an Audi A1 1.4 petrol 3 door. That was replaced by an A1 1.6 diesel 5 door.  For the last 3 years have been driving an Audi A3 2.0l litre diesel, 5 door Sportback, S-Line.